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April 7, 2018

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Best in Amateur Futurity
Best in Amateur Maturity
Best Opposite Amateur Futurity
Best Opposite Amateur Maturity  
  Junior Amateur Futurity Bitch
Junior Futurity Dog First Place Junior Futurity Bitch First Place
Junior Futurity Dog Second Place Junior Futurity Bitch Second Place
Junior Futurity Dog Third Place Junior Futurity Bitch Third Place
Junior Futurity Dog Fourth Place Junior Futurity Bitch Fourth Place
Teenage Futurity Dog First Place Teenage Futurity Bitch First Place
Teenage Futurity Dog Second Place Teenage Futurity Bitch Second Place
Teenage Futurity Dog Third Place Teenage Futurity Bitch Third Place
Teenage Futurity Dog Fourth Place Teenage Futurity Bitch Fourth Place
Intermediate Amateur Futurity Dog  
Intermediate Amateur Senior Futurity Dog  
Intermediate Futurity Dog First Place Intermediate Futurity Bitch First Place
Intermediate Futurity Dog Second Place Intermediate Futurity Bitch Second Place
Intermediate Futurity Dog Third Place Intermediate Futurity Bitch Third Place
Intermediate Futurity Dog Fourth Place Intermediate Futurity Bitch Fourth Place
Senior Futurity Dog First Place Senior Futurity Bitch First Place
Senior Futurity Dog Second Place Senior Futurity Bitch Second Place
Senior Futurity Dog Third Place Senior Futurity Bitch Third Place
Senior Futurity Dog Fourth Place Senior Futurity Bitch Fourth Place
Best In Futurity  
Reserve Futurity Dog Reserve Futurity Bitch
Best Opposite Sex in Futurity    
Junior Amateur Maturity Dog Junior Amateur Maturity Bitch
Junior Maturity Dog First Place Junior Maturity Bitch First Place
Junior Maturity Dog Second Place Junior Maturity Bitch Second Place
Junior Maturity Dog Third Place Junior Maturity Bitch Third Place
Junior Maturity Dog Fourth Place Junior Maturity Bitch Fourth Place
  Senior Amateur Maturity Bitch First Place
  Senior Amateur Maturity Bitch Second Place
Senior Maturity Dog First Place Senior Maturity Bitch First Place
Senior Maturity Dog Second Place Senior Maturity Bitch Second Place
Senior Maturity Dog Third Place Senior Maturity Bitch Third Place
Senior Maturity Dog Fourth Place Senior Maturity Bitch Fourth Place
Best In Maturity  
Reserve Best In Maturity Dog Reserve Best In Maturity Bitch
Best Opposite Sex in Maturity  
Armband 06 Armband 07
Armband 09 Armband 10
Armband 12 Armband 16
Armband 17 Armband 18
Armband 19 Armband 20
Armband 21 Armband 22
Armband 23 Armband 24
Armband 25 Armband 26
Armband 27 Armband 28
Armband 29 Armband 30
Armband 32 Armband 33
Armband 34 Armband 35
Armband 36 Armband 41
Armband 47 Armband 49
Armband 51  

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