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May 13, 2016 - Judge Pough

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Junior Showmanship  
Jr. Showmanship Novice Intermediate Jr. Showmanship Novice Senior
Junior Showmanship Open Sr. Junior Showmanship Open Inter.
Best Junior Handling Open Intermediate Junior Handling
Novice Jr. Handling 1st Novice Jr. Handling 2nd
4-6 Month Puppy  
6-9 Month Dog 6-9 Month Bitch
9-12 Month Dog 9-12 Month Bitch
12-18 Month Dog 12-18 Month Bitch
12-18 Month Dog Second Place  
12-15 Month Dog 12-15 Month Bitch
15-18 Month Dog 15-18 Month Bitch
Novice Dog Novice Bitch
Amateur-Owner-Handler Dog Amateur-Owner-Handler Bitch
Bred by Exhibitor Dog Bred by Exhibitor Bitch
American Bred Dog American Bred Bitch
Open Dog Open Bitch
Winners Dog Winners Bitch
Reserve Winners Dog Reserve Winners Bitch
Best of Breed Best of Breed Select
Best of Winners  
Best Opposite Sex  
Best Puppy Best Opposite Puppy
Veteran Dog Veteran Bitch
Select Dog Select Bitch
  Brood Bitch
Canine Good Citizen  
High In Trial High Combined
Utility A Utility B
Open A Open B
Novice A Novice B
  Novice B 2nd Place
Rally Advanced Rally Excellent
Utility Dog  
Beginner Novice  
Armband 05 Armband 08
Armband 10 Armband 12
Armband 14 Armband 16
Armband 17 Armband 21
Armband 22 Armband 23
Armband 26 Armband 31
Armband 32 Armband 33
Armband 35 Armband 39
Armband 40 Armband 42
Armband 43 Armband 47
Armband 56 Armband 57
Armband 58 Armband 60
Armband 61 Armband 63
Armband 68 Armband 70
Armband 71 Armband 73
Armband 74 Armband 79
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